Monday, January 31, 2011

D is for Doctor Maze by Yonatan Frimer

D is for Doctor Maze
Doctor Maze Art
Click for Maze Solution of Doctor Maze
Maze of a doctor with a tongue depressor about to ask a patient to say "AAAhHHH". The maze starts in the upper left corner and the maze exits in the lower right corner. This maze goes with the maze of the letter D for the kids book, "Learn To A Maze" Which uses mazes to teach kids the alphabet. By Yonatan Frimer.

You can also find The Doctor Maze online at these links:
This maze was drawn to create the sensation that a doctor is probing your mouth. While I am not sure if that sensation was communicated by the artistic renderings of the maze, I feel that I accomplished the goal more or less of that feeling we all get when going to the doctor.


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